Abstract Submission

The Organising Committee invites applications for oral and poster presentations for the conference. Papers dealing with other themes will also be considered. A full paper is required if the accepted abstract would be participated in excellent paper award, the full paper format should follow the requirements for the Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness. http://www.e-jesf.com/

Submission Email: 2017SCSEPF@hunnu.edu.cn
Theme: Scientific Foundations of Exercise and Training

Sub – Themes
1 Scientific Training for Elite Athletes 2 Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery 3 Physical Fitness and Health Promtion 4 Physical Activity for Different Populations 5 Exercise and Chronic Diseases 6Related Topics on Sports Science
Guideline for Abstracts( Abstract Form)

1.Abstract selection will be based on the quality, relevance to the themes, and the nature of research. In order to encourage the use of English, abstracts in English have the priority of being considered when other conditions are equivalent. Please note this principle will be applied in both oral and poster presentation.

2.Author(s) should be responsible for his/her/their work, which has not been presented or published previously.

3.Information such as objective(s)/purpose of the study, methodology, results and conclusion should be included.

4.The length of abstract should be controlled within 400 words. Ensure correct form before submitting your abstract, please. Author is expected to show the preference for oral or poster presentation. Only one oral presentation per first author (presenter) will be accepted. Poster presentations have no such limits.

5.Abstract must be saved in Word document.

6.The deadline for abstract submission is June 20, 2017. Only abstracts received by deadline are guaranteed acceptance into the conference proceeding.

Abstract Format (English)

Length:no more than one page.
Format:2 cm margins on top and bottom; 2.5 cm margins at both sides, single-spaced.

Paper Title:no more than 20 words.
Format:imes New Roman, 14 point font, bold, centered, and one line space in front of the information of author(s).

Authors' Names:full given and family names, and initial letter for middle name.
Format:Times New Roman, 12 point font, bold, centered. When more than one author is listed, underline the presenter, please.

Authors' Affiliations:Overseas authors’ affiliations should include the city and country, but not the street or postal/zip code. When more than one author is listed, use superscript letters to match authors and affiliations. One affiliation should be given per line, prefixed with the relevant superscript letter.
Format:Times New Roman, 11 point font, centered, and one line from the main body of the abstract.

Abstract Format:Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced, justified on both


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Mainland China RMB 1000 RMB 1200 RMB 600
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas countries USD 200 USD 220 USD 100

Remarks: 1.The registration fee includes conference fees, materials fees, membership fees, the SCSEPF certificate, welcome dinner, tea and other hospitality.

2.Please show your valid Student ID



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